How I stay “in the know”


Hello everyone. I’m Samantha Bohnet, a junior student-athlete at Creighton University. I play volleyball and I am an arts and science student, studying Graphic and Interior Design. I am in JRM215 in hopes of gaining some basic beginners background knowledge on what the internet and other pieces of technology have to offer. I hope that this information concepts course teaches me tools that I will continue to use for my future career as an interior designer.

I don’t really have any extensive experience with media but I do have a basic knowledge of social media. Although I don’t religiously check every status ever posted, I use my social media in a very simple way- to stay updated. If I could choose between my phone and computer I would choose my phone 10/10 times. But this doesn’t mean that I hate the computer, it actually is a really intriguing piece of technology for me, considering I don’t even know half of what it’s capable of. I just haven’t had a lot of time to explore it’s depth, so I stick to what I know to avoid frustration. Also, my phone is easily accessible and I could argue holds almost my entire life within its memory chip.

Screenshot of the news letter application on my personal iphone 7 that I use for a reliable everyday news update.

The fact that I admit that my phone holds my entire life on it seems terrifying when I put it in writing, but it also does a lot of other things for me. It (my phone) keeps me in the know. I appreciate news media as a separate application, but the part that frustrates me is when it takes up my entire social media feed. I like to gain my information through news media apps when they are segregated from places like social media, because news updates create a chaotic rise in biased responses and opinions from social media users that I end up seeing more than the news itself. Although, I do think the news media and journalists in events that I pay attention too do a good job at creating intriguing article titles that gets viewers interested and make them feel compelled to share the story that they formed an opinion on after reading. I gained this opinion through experience after I started paying attention to the news that came across my phone and social media and felt compelled to read or share an article that I had no opinion or knowledge of prior to seeing the story.

Although I read, and use my phone to organize my lifestyle I do not consider myself tech savvy. I am very curious to what my technology can offer me but I have no experience with programming or HTML basics. I am taking a few other courses at Creighton that will introduce HTML and some other coding and programming concepts to me, but currently I have no background in these topics.

After laying out my background knowledge in technology and media I feel it’s important to share my opinion about the world I live in that is so immersed in media. We hear comments from our elders about our generation’s insane dependence on technology and media. A common phrase I hear in my house is “your nose is in your phone!” I go back and forth on my opinion of this “issue” because I occasionally get immersed in senseless media and want to avoid a hypocritical critique. The world is linked in an amazing, incomprehensible way through media, but how relevant it is to our lives is questionable. I believe that if we were using media to link nations for a greater good, media would be more beneficial to everyone and our well-being. Although, because this is not always the case, I for one am all for a media detox, and a renewal in the attention for good old-fashioned news broadcasting.


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