The Beauty of Face to Face Interaction

This prompt relates to my last post, “JOMO>>>FOMO” because it discusses the need some people feel to stay connected through the internet. I use my phone to organize my life, but I am guilty of also using it to follow everyone else’s lives as well. I have a social media folder on my phone that contains twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I try my best to not let these apps consume my time but nowadays, since everyone has their cell phone on them 100% of the time, I fall into the craze of social media simply as a pass time.

In some cases this is helpful. I love being able to stay in the know with some of my best friends lives that live 10 hours from me due to the separation college brings. But, when I really think about it I also realize that it is a win/lose situation. Because people my age stay in touch by just watching and not actually communicating, I’ve lost that special time with people I love because we don’t make time to talk. Whether it’s video chat, phone calls, or even a simple “just wanted to see how everything is going.” text, I find that type of interaction significantly more meaningful than watching from a distance.

Now this sounds sort of hypocritical because I admitted to falling into the craze myself. And I will also admit that it is really hard to stay in touch with everyone you have some sort of relationship with, especially with how busy everyones lives are. So, I will make myself clear… I DO love to see pictures, and read updates, and stories my friends share through social media, but I wish that didn’t cause a neglect of the other forms of communication in relationships where you have to put in a little more effort.

This generation has taken the lazy way out in many ways. We’re not just lazy with our relationships and communication, but exercise, and a ton of other tasks that we have found an easier solution for. Society is constantly evolving, especially in technology. Some ways are positive and some ways are negative, but these strides we are making as a population should not nullify previous forms of communication, because eventually generations to come will lose a beautiful part of a relationship- face to face interaction and conversation. 



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