Blog #9: Wrap-up

Taking JRM 215 was a great experience. I loved the environment of the class being more discussion based rather than lecture based. I was always eager to come to class for discussion, videos, and activities as Dr. Zuegner did a great job at finding things that were relative in our lives and in bigger aspects like the world we live in today. I think my favorite module was the photojournalist lesson with the James Foley documentary. Lessons like that, as sad as they are, happen every single day in the world around us and finding ways to connect media/journalism in positive and negative ways is something I hold a lot of interest in. Overall, I benefitted from this class more from listening and building off of everyone’s opinions and ideas. I became more open-minded and contributed a lot of my own ideas to discussion over topics I didn’t have much of an opinion or knowledge of before this course. As social media or any type of media really continues to become more popular, millennials continue to become more and more educated regarding technology. It seems possible that a reliance on technology, and any type of media is likely in our future.


Thank you for being such a great discussion leader and professor Dr. Z!!!

Happy Summer!


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