Digitalize & Advertise in the PR World

Public relations 2 months ago was a term I really didn’t know much about. The depth and importance of public relations in any industry blows my mind! I think that it could be argued that PR is somewhat the backbone of a company. Companies would not thrive without a strong public relations team that work on building relationships and communicating with customers. It’s a marketing strategy that can make or break profits of a company.

CEO of Edelman Public Relations company, Richard Edelman discussed the importance of  search engine optimization in the PR field. Before I read this article and discussed the depth of public relations I had no idea what search engine optimization even was. Google defines search engine optimization as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” Ever since I’ve been old enough to surf the internet, I’ve been exposed to this without even realizing it. Every time I found something on the internet that I wasn’t actually looking for was probably a result of successful search engine optimization by a public relations worker.

Another skill that is important in public relations is digital advertising or “internet marketing”. This exists on most things on the internet where we as viewers are constantly being fed ads and informercials in order to catch our attention and get a companies name to be viewed more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.26.22 PM

What I thought was interesting was our discussion in JRM215 about native advertising. Native advertising is a sneaky move by businesses to advertise and promote products in a way that the material actually resembles the original content on the page. I think this is creatively tricky because as a viewer myself I know when I see something formatted as an ad I will scroll right past it or leave the page. Native advertising is a loophole that gets viewers to actually pay attention to their content/message.

Along with many other skills required for being a successful public relations worker, I didn’t realize the depth of the field. Originally I thought public relations was the job that involved pitching ideas or marketing for companies to other investors or customers. I’ve grown a greater appreciation for public relations and may possibly be interested in learning more about it to benefit my future in business and communications.

As a consumer to a lot of companies that are advertising, and after reading the industry leaders predictions of advertising I think that Karen Zuckerman, CCO, president, and cofounder of HZDG’s trend resonated most with me. Karen Zuckerman predicts that advertising agencies will start moving away from the “hard sell” approach. “Consumers bring an emotional perspective to brand preference, meaning that they buy what they relate to, like and trust.” Zuckerman said.

I totally buy into this belief because I myself do it. I also work at a retail company, Evereve, that has invested their marketing and merchandising to put our brand out there in a way that truly connects to our consumers, in our company specific our outreach is moms and women that are searching for honest and affordable fashion and styling that makes them feel empowered. I’ve seen first hand that when advertisements or marketing campaigns tell a story, it seems more worthy of attention and ultimately more worthy of a purchase.


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